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Loaded Spicy Avocado Toast Recipe

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Avocado toast: apparently stereotypical meal of millenials. There have been articles written about how millenials spend too much money on avocado toast and that’s why they can’t afford to buy a house….but let’s not get into that. The real question I have to all the haters out there is: have you actually tried it? It’s pretty damn good, especially when you do it up with yummy toppings.

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Avocado Toast is a Flexible Breakfast

This is an extremely flexible recipe. It calls for chopped up jalapenos and jalapeno juice, which can get spicy. Don’t like spicy? Skip the jalapenos and juice. Don’t like tomatoes, onions, or peppers? Substitute a different veggie or topping. Mushrooms and bacon also go deliciously on this toast. I enjoy taking the extra time to toast the bread on the stove-top. It comes out with a nice golden, buttery crisp. However, if you’re feeling lazy, the regular old toaster will do. This recipe should act as a kind of guideline that you can personalize in any way you feel like!

This avocado toast is excellent when topped with an over-easy egg. I use Nellie’s Free Range Eggs….they are delicious. Their farms are certified humane, which means that they follow the highest standards of humane farm animal care. Not only do they treat the chickens well, but the eggs are SO TASTY. They are definitely worth the extra couple dollars just for the improved taste over regular eggs.

[I also use Nellie’s eggs when I make quiche. Check out my recipe for super easy and delicious quiche.]

So, let’s get down to it. Here is my recipe for avocado toast including several toppings you can add to make it a little more exciting!


There you have it! This would work great if hosting brunch for a few people. Prepare all of the toppings and toast before your guests arrive, and then while they are creating their avocado toast masterpiece, you can cook their eggs to order. Mmmm my mouth is watering just thinking about it. Enjoy!

Loaded avocado toast with eggs and coffee




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