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About Life Lived Curiously

Hello and welcome to Life Lived Curiously! I’m Daina, the creator and writer for this lifestyle blog.

Because I’m a naturally curious person (hence the blog name!), this blog touches on a little bit of everything I enjoy in life. This includes, but is not limited to, cooking & eating, living sustainably, traveling, exploring Maine, learning, making money online, and blogging!

I hope to inspire others to let their natural curiosity shine. It’s important to push ourselves past the limit of screens, as we so often experience life through these days. Turn that TV off, log out of social media, and explore a little! We all need to get outside of our comfort zones – that’s how we learn and grow in life.


I’ve been eating a (mostly) vegetarian diet since June 2019. Cooking is one of my favorite activities, especially when I can find some awesome meatless recipes. I put together recipe compilations to give you a variety of options to make in the kitchen!


Traveling is my passion. I enjoy finding lesser-known destinations and sharing my experiences with you. I travel mostly within North America, but am planning some future international trips. Look for travel guides, activity recommendations, and more!

Side Hustles

Are you ready to start a side hustle? I share all of the ways I’ve been making money online. You can find all of the tips, tricks, and resources necessary to supplement your income. If you want to learn about starting a blog, this is the category for you!


Since January 2018, I’ve lived in and traveled around Maine. It’s an awesome state with millions of acres of outdoor wilderness to explore in addition to many cute coastal towns to relax in. I share a lot of info about Portland (the biggest city in the state), but also about my other favorite destinations around Maine.

Sustainable Living

My boyfriend and I strive to live the most sustainable life possible. Our dream is to live on a self-sustaining, off-the-grid homestead where we grow our own food! My goal with writing about sustainability is to spread awareness that anyone can find ways to become my consciously sustainable without changing their entire lifestyle.

About Daina

Let’s get to know each other a little bit better! I’m Daina, and I am the owner and writer of Life Lived Curiously. I am 26 years old and I live near Bangor, Maine! I’ve been naturally curious ever since I was a little girl. That curiosity continues to fuel my love of learning and exploring the world.

Basketball was my entire life until just a few years ago (fun fact: I’m 6’3″!). After graduating with a History degree from Grand Valley State University in 2015, I moved to Portugal to play a season of professional basketball.

Since returning to the US, I’ve had quite a few odd jobs and quickly realized that I hated working for other people. I had explored blogging several times in the past, but had no idea it had such potential to replace my income. That’s when I started Life Lived Curiously in early 2019.

Because I’m a naturally shy and introverted person, I instantly fell in love with the personal expression I could display on my website. It truly is the best way I connect with others!

I currently work as an administrative assistant full-time, but spend all my free time working on this blog. My dream is to quit my job to work on Life Lived Curiously full time! I’m hoping to achieve this by the end of 2020, so I’ll keep you all posted!