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Complete Directory of Property Management Companies in Portland, Maine

Complete Directory of Property Management Companies in Portland, Maine

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Finding an apartment is hard enough as it is, but in Maine, it’s especially difficult.

Speaking from personal experience, I understand the woes of looking for a place to live in the incredibly tight rental market that Maine has. It takes a lot of time, effort, research, and disappointment to finally find a rental that just works, much more for one that you’d actually enjoy living in.

Looking for rentals in Portland is a whole different ball game than the rest of the state, as well. Of course, prices are higher, spaces are smaller, and although there are a lot more companies that manage apartments, still not many available – especially at the right time.

That’s why I decided to put together an exhaustive directory of apartment management companies in Portland, Maine.

Yes, there are Zillow and to look through. However, in my experience, after having enough inquiries through these platforms go unanswered, I’ve found it’s easier and more efficient to get information straight from the source.

Below is a list of all apartment management companies in Portland, Maine that I could find websites for.

If you know of any others that should be added, please feel free to comment on this post and I will update the list. Searching for apartments is time-consuming enough, so hopefully this list will streamline your process a little bit.

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Tips For Reaching Out To Property Management Companies

The sad truth of the matter is that many property management companies are, frankly, a pain in the ass to deal with.

Online databases never seem to be up-to-date, people answering phones are rarely pleasant to talk to, and money always seems to be more important than providing comfortable living spaces for tenants.

These are things you should simply expect to deal with, especially in Maine. Because the rental market is so tight here, companies can get away with being unorganized and unpleasant.

So, with all of this in mind, here are some tips for reaching out to these management companies

1. Calling is better than emailing. Emailing is better than a website contact form. A website contact form is better than nothing.

2. Always include these things in any email, contact form, or voicemail you leave for a company: # of tenants, if anyone smokes, if you have any pets, # of rooms you need, and your budget. Don’t be surprised if they end up asking you again at some point, but including this info is likely to get you a faster response.

3. Keep a spreadsheet of companies you’ve contacted. This way you don’t do double the work of either looking up their website several times or contacting them more than once. Mark down details of what they have available, and if nothing, write that down too.

4. If following up with a company, try to reach the same person you were in contact with before.

5. Don’t get discouraged. Finding a place to rent is a tedious process, and it becomes especially unpleasant when dealing with annoying rental companies. Stay the course, and keep your sight set on the goal: finding a place to live.

Alphabetical List Of All Property Management Companies In Portland, Maine

Adams Management Company
Phone number: 207-772-5030

Apex Luxury Rentals
Phone number: 207-553-9966

Apex Management
Phone number: 207-329-5700

Aquarius Property Management
Phone number: 207-899-3845

Bell Port Property Management
Phone number: 207-774-1400

Casco Bay Rental Properties
Phone number: 207-253-5000

Chestnut Portland
Phone number: 207-883-2959

Clarke Property Management
Phone number: 207-591-0365

Dirigo Management Company
Phone number: 207-871-1080

Domaine Real Estate
Phone number: 207-553-2604

Drinan Properties
Phone number: 207-799-0829

Foreside Management
Phone number: 207-775-2325

Frontier Property Advisors
Phone number: 207-618-7575

Gebhardt Property Management
Phone number: 207-541-9468

Go Nest
Phone number: 207-221-6667

Harbor Management
Phone number: 781-599-4343

Johnson Realty Apartment Locator
Phone number: 207-774-9303

Maine Properties
Phone number: 207-883-3753 

Mainely Property Management
Phone number: 207-956-0011

Morrison Rental Properties
Phone number: 207-879-0303

Morton Leasing
Phone number: 207-475-6994

Mysa Rentals
Phone number: 207-632-9347
Website: Coming Soon – Call Ruth at phone number above

Phone number: 207-780-0223

Phoenix Management Company
Phone number: 207-571-3061

Pine State Property Management
Phone number: 207-991-9800

Port Property
Phone number: 207-761-0832

Portland Maine Rentals
Phone number: 207-774-5358

Portside Real Estate Group
Phone number: 207-619-7571

Santoro Real Estate
Phone number: 207-767-4777

Sawyer Realty Company
Phone number: 207-772-6579 

Schneider Property Management
Phone number: 207-221-7533

Sullivan Management
Phone number: 207-771-5503

Summit Property Management
Phone number: 207-228-7999

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Justin C

Tuesday 22nd of February 2022

Hey just wanted to say thank you so much for listing out these websites. It's a brutal process but what an incredible resource you've put together.

Daina Grazulis

Wednesday 23rd of February 2022

I'm glad I can help! I know how hard it is to find places, especially in Maine.

Austin J Smith

Wednesday 5th of January 2022

This article is speaking straight truth. Im in the middle of trying to find a place here and its exactly how you described. I hate it, but knowing this isn't a unique experience has encouraged me to keep looking. Thank you. This article was a godsend.

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