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The 5 Best Breakfast Restaurants in Portland, Maine

The 5 Best Breakfast Restaurants in Portland, Maine

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BREAKFAST. It’s my favorite meal to cook, my favorite meal to eat out – honestly, it’s just my favorite meal.

Of course, Portland, Maine being the foodie town it is, has some absolutely delicious options for breakfast/brunch. I personally tend to enjoy diner-style breakfast a little more than the trendy and “high-end” meals.

Thankfully, there is no shortage of breakfast spots in Portland.

With that being said, here’s one tip for all of you: if you go out for breakfast in Portland, get there EARLY.

The hot and trendy brunch places fill up almost as soon as they open. Even the not-as-popular restaurants will have a long wait by 9:30 am.

So without further ado, below is my list for the best breakfast in Portland, Maine. Happy eating!

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1. Miss Portland Diner

Miss Portland is your new go-to for breakfast on the weekend (they’re open weekdays too, though!). They’ve earned the very competitive and coveted title of my boyfriend’s favorite biscuits and gravy. Look out for some amazing specials that aren’t on their regular menu, too.

One time they had a breakfast flatbread with caramelized onions, roasted tomatoes, bacon, cheese, and 3 sunny-side-up eggs. It was hands-down the best breakfast I’ve ever eaten at a restaurant – a meal I will truly never forget.

Not to mention, their bloody mary’s are uh-mazing. The food is excellent, prices are unbeatable, service is top-notch, and it’s always fun to eat in a diner car! You will not be disappointed.

Current hours (as of 8/26/21):
Weekdays 7am – 2pm (Closed Wednesdays), Weekends 7am – 2:30pm


Address: 140 Marginal Way

Miss Portland Diner, one of the best breakfasts in Portland, Maine.
Source: Facebook

2. Artemisia Cafe

This is the cutest little restaurant in Portland. Tucked away only a few blocks from the bustling downtown area, Artemisia Cafe certainly flies under the radar.

Their fresh ingredients are crafted into artisan dishes that showcase the simpler side of breakfast.

Both the kielbasa and veggie hash are refreshingly different and delightful. Every dish comes with some amazing bread toasted to perfection.

Current hours (as of 8/26/21):
Wednsday – Sunday 9am – 2pm


Address: 61 Pleasant Street

Salmon hash with toast at Artemisia Cafe in Portland, Maine
Salmon Hash With Toast! Source: Facebook

3. Hot Suppa

Okay, this is definitely one of those trendy “high-end” breakfast spots I mentioned in the intro… but it totally lives up to the hype. Hot Suppa, a southern-style restaurant and bar, served me the best, most fluffy, and creamiest omelet I’ve ever eaten.

At arguably the busiest brunch spot in town, you definitely pay more for the quality of food you’re getting.

My boyfriend ordered the chicken and biscuits, which I never thought I’d be on board with, but man, they were scrumptious. Get there early, as the restaurant is somewhat small.

Current Hours (as of 8/26/21):
Closed Tuesday & Wednesday
Monday & Thursday 8am – 2pm, Friday & Saturday 7am – 2pm, Sunday 7:30am – 2pm


Address: 703 Congress Street

A table of breakfast served at Hot Suppa in Portland, Maine.
The delicious French omelette I ordered at Hot Suppa and my boyfriend’s chicken and biscuits in the background.

4. Dutch’s

Dutch’s is a quirky breakfast spot located a little off-the-beaten-path from the busy Congress Street in Portland.

The creative dishes on their menu match the interesting interior decor. Don’t let that fool you, though – the food is certainly delicious.

Think grilled banana bread drizzled with rich, creamy caramel sauce. Think mashed potatoes reshaped into large squares and fried as your side of hash browns.

Although prices can be a little steep (in my mind), every trip to Dutch’s is a delightful treat.

Current hours (as of 8/26/21): Open for TAKEOUT ONLY
Tuesday – Sunday 8am – 2pm


Address: 28 Preble Street

Eggs holandaise on toast at Dutch's in Portland, Maine
Source: Facebook

5. Bayside American Cafe

I cannot stress this enough for breakfast in Portland – get there early. My boyfriend and I got a late start the morning we tired Bayside, and it cost us a nearly 50-minute wait.

Their menu is quite diverse, and anything you order will be delicious. I got the bacon cheddar scallion pancakes with bourbon maple sauce.

This was me venturing outside of my usual breakfast favorites of hash and scrambles. It was very yummy, but I’m excited to try something else next time!

Current hours (as of 8/26/21):
Closed Tuesday & Wednesday
Monday & Thursday 8am – 1pm, Friday – Sunday 7am – 2pm


Address: 98 Portland Street

Cinnamon roll pancakes for breakfast at Bayside American Cafe in Portland, Maine
Cinnamon roll pancakes at American Bayside Cafe. Source: Facebook

Places I’ve heard good things about, but haven’t had a chance to try yet:

  • Sinful Kitchen, 906 Brighton Ave, Portland, ME 04102
  • Becky’s Diner, 390 Commercial Street, Portland, ME 04105
  • Ruski’s, 212 Danforth Street, Portland, ME 04102


Wednesday 7th of July 2021

Portland Pottery Cafe' had the BEST scrambled eggs I had during my whole trip to New England and my daughter had a delicious breakfast there too. Also, Becky's Diner was the quintessential diner experience with great food right by the pier. Some of these look great too, just adding my own experiences. I think Becky's gets enough exposure due to location but Portland Pottery Cafe' was in a less touristy area and was worth a mention for sure. It's adorably cute too.


Tuesday 8th of December 2020

Bayou Kitchen should certainly be included!