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The Best Breweries in Portland, Maine

The Best Breweries in Portland, Maine

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If you love beer, Portland, Maine is the place for you. With the most breweries per capita in the US at 25.5 per 100,000 people, it’s safe to say Portland has a booming craft beer scene.

That leaves one question: what are the best breweries in Portland, Maine?

Choosing from over 32 breweries in the area can make for a tough decision. Do you want a specific kind of beer? Are you hungry? Is it a nice day to sit outside? Do you want a unique experience? You’ve come to the right place.

Below, find a list of the best breweries in Portland, Maine!

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Best Overall Brewery Experience: Foulmouthed Brewing

Address: 15 Ocean Street (South Portland, Maine 04106)

This place has it all. Forget crowded garage-y spaces, and insanely high noise levels. Foulmouthed Brewing has an inviting, modern space, with plenty of seating and standing options.

The beer is tasty, the food is uh-mazing, and the impeccable service is icing on top of the cake.

The food prices may seem a little steep, but the quality is totally worth it. The best bang for your buck are the humongous pulled pork nachos.

And of course, don’t forget to grab an order of the best fries in the Portland area! If you want a friendly, relaxing environment to drink delicious, reasonably priced beer, do no skip Foulmouthed Brewing.

Beer and fries at Foulmouthed Brewing
source: Facebook

Best Beer: Foundation Brewing

Address: 1 Industrial Way, Unit 5

Foundation Brewing has the most variety of beers of all breweries in Portland. The best part? They all taste delicious.

They have IPAs, brown ales, porters, sour ales, lagers, farmhouse ales, and stouts. Foundation isn’t just really great at one thing and so-so at the others. I’ve tried 9 beers, and they were all amazing.

This is probably the best option in Portland if you like sour beers – they have a few on tap, and more specialties available in bottles.

Foundation is definitely one of the best breweries in Portland, Maine. The only downside is that their tasting room is relatively small and gets crowded quickly with a lot of people visiting on the weekends.

Foundation Brewing beer cans and glasses
Source: Facebook

Best Places to Sit Outside (Tie!):

Allagash Brewing

Address: 50 Industrial Way

Allagash is certainly one of the biggest and most well-established breweries in Portland. Their Allagash White ale is pretty popular around these parts.

The tasting room is attached to their huge brewing facility, where they built an awesome roofed area. In the winter, this outdoor area has a vinyl enclosure that is… wait for it…. heated.

It’s a great place to hang out for a while, and I especially enjoyed that all of the beers were the same price – $4.

Outdoor seating area at Allagash Brewing
Source: Facebook

Rising Tide Brewing

Address: 103 Fox Street

Located off-the-beaten path in Portland, Rising Tide has a great outdoor space for the nicer months of the year.

Their tasting room has garage doors that stay open in the summer and lead to an area of picnic tables and cornhole playing. It might not be the greatest view, but who doesn’t love to sit outside and drink a cold, refreshing beer on a hot summer day?

There is plenty of seating, and the bar is easily accessible from outside. They have a few IPAs, but also keep a great variety of beers on tap, so you’re bound to find something you like.

Rising Tide Brewery, one of the best breweries in Portland, Maine
Source: Facebook

My Favorite Beer: Lone Pine Brewing

Address: 219 Anderson Street

Lone Pine’s specialty is brewing IPAs – just look at their beer list. I am not an IPA drinker, although I have grown more tolerant of them since moving to the Northeast.

Out of the several beers I’ve tried at Lone Pine, I absolutely LOVE two of them and think all the rest are okay (just being honest!).

Their Samara Brown ale tastes like coffee but isn’t bitter. The Alba Rosa White IPA tastes nothing like an IPA, and is the juiciest beer I’ve ever had.

Although the tasting room in Portland is small, crowded, noisy, and has no flow, I gladly overlook the downfalls to get these two delicious beers. In the summer, they have a cute patio area out front that I am excited to try out in the next few months.

Lone Pine Brewing, one of the best breweries in Portland, Maine
Source: Facebook

Best Food: Sebago Brewing

Addresses: 211 Fore Street (Portland) & 201 Southborough Dr., Scarborough, Maine 04074

Unfortunately, there are few breweries that serve food in Portland.

If you want great food at a brewery, get your butt over to Sebago Brewing. Here, in addition to finding greasy bar food, you will also find deliciously curated healthy options, atypical of most brewery food.

Sebago boasts a wide selection of tasty salads, healthy quinoa and broth bowls, and delicious sandwiches.

As an appetizer, I recommend the waffle fry nachos – YUM. My favorite dish they serve is the tuna poke bowl. If you like sushi, that’s the way to go.

They have several locations, all with restaurant-style seating. Don’t sleep on the beer, though! They have a few solid brews all year round and also keep a fully stocked bar, in case beer isn’t your thing.

Source: Facebook

Most Unique: Urban Farm Fermentory

Address: 200 Anderson Street

Cider, mead, and kombucha, oh my! Urban Farm Fermentory uses natural, locally foraged ingredients to make all of their brews.

Awaken your taste buds with the unique flavors of wild Maine, such as blueberry, ginger, maple, strawberry, seaweed, mint, and chamomile.

The flavors aren’t the only unique thing about UFF – their tasting room is a taste of rejuvenation in itself.

Their huge space boasts a massive wooden bar, picnic tables, and barrels as tables with stools. The dried hops hanging from the ceiling complement the white, green, and black theme.

Bring a book and a board game to settle down with a delicious cider or gruit beer for the afternoon – trust me when I say you won’t want to leave.

The bar at Urban Farm Fermentory, one of the best breweries in Portland, Maine.
The awesome bar at Urban Farm Fermentory.

Outside of Portland: Hidden Cove (Wells, Maine)

Address: 73 Mile Road, Wells, Maine 04090

The reason I have Hidden Cove Brewing on this list is simply due to one thing: Jali.

This is a jalapeno, apricot sour ale that is fermented in tequila barrels.

Call me crazy, but this is my absolute favorite beer. EVER.

I know spicy beer isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, so I will warn you that I personally did not like the other beers I tried. The tasting room is big and comfortable, and it is right down the road from the beach.

Here’s an added bonus if you are a huge popcorn lover like myself: unlimited free popcorn while you’re drinking.

Hidden Cover Brewing beer and popcorn
Source: Facebook

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Mick Early

Friday 21st of January 2022

Great articles! Thanks for your insights! Take a trip out tomWestern Maine to explore what we have out here! I know you’d LOVE one of my favorite breweries: Saco River Brewing Company, superb beers, great selections etc. BTW I’m not connected in any way. We also have a bunch of great restaurants in the vicinity. Reach out if I can advise in any way?

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Sunday 29th of March 2020

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Monday 29th of July 2019

I live in Portland and have been to almost all these places and couldn't agree more! I'm excited to check out Falmouthed, I didn't realize they were in sopo. Also I LOVE sours and have never heard of Hidden Cove - that jalapeno apricot sour sounds AMAZING!

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