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19 Refreshingly Fruity Mojito Recipes

19 Refreshingly Fruity Mojito Recipes

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Mojitos are insanely refreshing cocktails that feature a mixture of rum, mint, and lime. If you want to add extra flavors, almost any fruit will do (as you’ll see on this list)! I love to drink mojitos on a hot summer day – thankfully they’re quite easy to make.

Many of these recipes also include big batch pitchers, making them a no-brainer for any summer cookouts or picnics. Don’t miss out on these 19 refreshingly fruity mojito recipes!

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1. Classic Mojito

The Mojito (a Cuban classic) is a refreshing mix of rum, simple syrup (or sugar), fresh lime juice, mint leaves, and bubbly club soda. Learn how to make a Mojito and enjoy this simple and delicious 5-minute cocktail all year long.

Here is the recipe for this Classic Mojito.

2. Fresh Blackberry Mojito

Fresh blackberries pair perfectly with the mint and rum in this recipe. Blackberries are sweet with strong, tart overtones making them taste a little sharper than raspberries.

Here is the recipe for this Fresh Blackberry Mojito.

3. Pineapple Coconut Mojito

This pineapple coconut mojito is the class mint mojito recipe remixed with another tropical drink favorite – the Pina Colada. This simple mojito recipe is a delicious summer cocktail!

Here is the recipe for this Pineapple Coconut Mojito.

3. Easy Watermelon Mojito

Don’t waste that watermelon juice that collects when you cut up a whole melon … Use it to whip up an easy watermelon mojito instead!  It’s certainly a tasty way to enjoy summer’s watermelon.

Here is the recipe for this Easy Watermelon Mojito.

5. Fresh Strawberry Mojito

This strawberry mojito recipe is made with fresh muddled strawberries, mint and as always, a generous helping of rum. Included is a recipe for a single mojito cocktail as well as a mojito pitcher so you can easily share with your friends!

Here is the recipe for this Fresh Strawberry Mojito.

6. Fresh Raspberry Mojito

This is the best fresh raspberry mojito recipe – made with agave, fresh lime, mint and raspberries. These mojitos can easily be made into a mocktail. Minty refreshing mojitos with a touch of fresh raspberry make the perfect party cocktail. Cheers!

Here is the recipe for this Fresh Raspberry Mojito.

Two full glasses of fresh raspberry mojito.
Source: Joyful Healthy Eats

7. Peach Mojito

I think peaches are highly underutilized in summer drinks. The natural sweetness and juiciness just can’t compare to any other fruit. This peach mojito is a fun twist on a classic rum cocktail – perfect for summer or backyard parties. This is one of my favorite fruity mojito recipes!

Here is the recipe for this Peach Mojito.

8. Guava Mojito

I LOVE guava, but it’s typically not available at grocery stores outside of big cities. Thankfully, this recipe calls for guava nectar/juice, which is usually in the Mexican section of the world foods isle. This is a great cocktail to drink for whenever you’re lusting for the beach and white sand… welcome to paradise!

Here is the recipe for this Guava Mojito.

9. Tropical Bubbly Passion Fruit Mojito

This easy mojito recipe is tropical and light with muddled lime and mint leaves plus a floral, sweet passion fruit syrup. This simple rum drink can be made by the glass or by the pitcher, but I’d opt for a pitcher if you’ve got more than 2 people.

Here is the recipe for this Passion Fruit Mojito.

10. Blueberry Mojito

Nothing screams summer quite like a refreshing blueberry mojito. Sweet juicy blueberries, tangy lime, fresh mint, and a generous pour of white rum will cool you down with the very first sip!

Here is the recipe for this Blueberry Mojito.

11. Grapefruit Champagne Mojito

This champagne mojito recipe with grapefruit has that extra special sparkle that only a bottle of bubbly will give! If you love mojitos and you haven’t tried them with sparkling wine then you are in for a serious treat. This is one of the most refreshing fruity mojito recipes on this list!

Here is the recipe for this Grapefruit Mojito.

12. Limoncello Mojito

There is nothing more refreshing on a hot day than a mojito, and this Limoncello Mojito recipe is no exception! With only a few ingredients, you’re on your way to a delicious fruity mojito.

Here is the recipe for this Limoncello Mojito.

13. Mango Mojito

Mmmm, mangoes are one of my favorite fruits. When I lived in Portugal for a year, I drank mango juice almost every day. This mojito recipe definitely takes it up a notch, though! Talk about refreshing.

Here is the recipe for this Mango Mojito.

Two small glasses of fruity mango mojito.
Source: Vikalinka

14. Skinny Mojito

Even if you’re watching what you eat this summer, you can still indulge in a skinny mojito! This recipe is only 79 calories for one drink – the perfect summer sip full of lime and mint flavor.

Here is the recipe for this Skinny Mojito.

15. Blood Orange Mojito

Blood Orange Mojito made with fresh mint, simple syrup, blood orange and lime juice. The perfect cocktail for any occasion!

Here is the recipe for this Blood Orange Mojito.

A tray of fruity blood orang mojitos.
Source: Chef Savvy

16. Mixed Berry Mojito

This mixed berry mojito recipe uses blueberries and blackberries to make a fruity, tart, and refreshing cocktail. You can use any mix of berries you want, including strawberries and raspberries, or whatever you have on hand. This is another one of my favorite fruity mojito recipes!

Here is the recipe for this Mixed Berry Mojito.

17. Kiwi Blueberry Mojito

I personally don’t see many cocktails made with kiwis, so this recipes certainly piques my interest. These are made with fresh kiwis, blueberries, lime, mint leaves, sparkling water and rum. Make it as a single serving or by the pitcher!

Here is the recipe for this Kiwi Blueberry Mojito.

18. Ginger Beer Mojito

Okay, this one isn’t exactly “fruity” flavored, but I thought it deserved a spot on this list. Ginger beer is my favorite cocktail mixer, and I thought this sounded delicious! Ginger beer meets mint, lime and rum in this simple ginger beer mojito.

Here is the recipe for this Ginger Beer Mojito.

19. Cranberry Mojito

Get festive this winter (or summer… Christmas in July anyone?) and make these delicious and refreshing Cranberry Mojitos! They’re made with rosemary simple syrup, cranberry juice, mint, and rum. They are simply delicious.

Here is the recipe for this Cranberry Mojito.

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