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The 7 Best Coffee Shops in Portland, Maine

The 7 Best Coffee Shops in Portland, Maine

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Portland, Maine is the biggest city in the state, and certainly has the most to offer when it comes to food and drinks. Coffee is no different – you’ll find the most diverse options to post up with your laptop in a cafe or just grab a delicious latte to go.

**Unfortunately, as with most businesses these days, COVID has forced many coffee shops to change the way they operate.

Due to this, I have not listed hours, and although I talk about several of the places on this list being awesome places to work or read, please check each establishment’s website before you visit!

I no longer live in the immediate area and haven’t been to any of these coffee shops in Portland, Maine since the pandemic began.**

This Portland may not be as famous for coffee as our NW Pacific counterpart, but it certainly has some standout cafes. Here are the 7 Best Coffee Shops in Portland, Maine (not in any particular order)!

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1. Coffee By Design

Established in 1994, Coffee By Design was one of the first cafes to emerge on Portland’s craft coffee scene. Today, they have three coffeehouses in Portland, one in Freeport, and a booming wholesale business.

Their Diamond Street location has the biggest space to post up with your laptop for the day to crank out some work, although all of the locations have the same delicious coffee drinks!

My favorite drink is the chai latte, but you honestly can’t go wrong with anything on the menu. They also make amazing 1/2 gallon premade lattes to buy and bring home to keep on hand for the week.

Address: Please see their website for multiple addresses


Two cups of iced coffee sitting in a pile of whole coffee beans.
Source: Facebook

2. Coffee ME Up

Coffee ME Up is much more than just a coffee shop, they also have a comprehensive sandwich menu with both breakfast and lunch options. You’ll find meaty and vegetarian (!) options that pair perfectly with their long list of delicious specialty coffee drinks.

In addition to coffee and espresso, they have a long list of tea options and some fresh-squeezed juices. Don’t forget to grab a delicious sweet or savory baked good as well.

Their cute location on Cumberland Ave is a great place to meet up for coffee and lunch with a friend.

Address: 221 Cumberland Ave


Source: Facebook

3. Bard Coffee

Located in the heart of the Old Port, Bard Coffee is one of the most happening coffee shops in town.

They are known for their precise specialized brewing techniques to make their coffee. Although they don’t bake their own pastries, they do sell various treats from other bakeries around Portland.

Although I’ve never been to Bard, I’ve decided to feature them on this list due to their high reputation and admirable reviews, including the following 5 star review from Google:

“For the time being, Bard is operating as a walk-up window for both ordering and pickup. I don’t believe their indoor seating is open, as I looked inside and it was empty less the employees.

The window setup works really well, as the side of the shop faced a small park so there’s plenty of space to form a line, wait for your order, and sip your beverages. They have a small selection of drinks as well as some pastries. Mostly coffees but I noticed a few teas and I believe a lemonade beverage.

The iced cappuccino looked good so I went with that. I thought it was great – smooth flavor and the perfect remedy for a warm day. The service was fast and friendly, and overall this is a great find in Portland. I would not hesitate to return to try more of their offerings.”

Address: 185 Middle Street


A bag of Bard Coffee coffee beans, a pitcher of coffee, and a coffee mug on a table.
Source: Facebook

4. Tandem Coffee

Tandem Coffee has a bakery in an old gas station/laundromat on Congress Street, and it is just the cutest spot in town. They have a myriad of baked goods choices, including biscuits, sandwiches, cookies, cakes, and pie.

Grab a cup of joe and sit down to enjoy it over conversation with a friend because there is NO wifi available. I love this idea because too often in restaurants, everyone is sitting on their phones instead of enjoying each other’s company.

In the summertime, they have an awesome outdoor seating area that is covered. What a great way to start a hot summer day!

Address: 742 Congress Street


Several people standing at the coffee and pastry counter at Tandem Coffee in Portland, Maine.
Source: Facebook

5. Omi’s Coffee Shop (South Portland)

Omi’s is one of my favorite coffee shops in the Portland area. It is located in South Portland, so only about 10 minutes away from downtown Portland.

The coffee shop is located in an old house with the counter and kitchen on the ground level, and the seating areas upstairs. Two spacious rooms are available on the upper floor to sit, read or study, and enjoy your delicious coffee and baked goods.

I highly recommend their flavored lattes made with their house-made syrups, such as rose or ginger orange. They also have some great vegetarian breakfast sandwiches, which is a nice change of pace from the usual meat-heavy options.

Although technically outside of the city, I would definitely say that Omi’s is one of my personal favorite coffee shops in Portland, Maine.

Address: 372 Cottage Road, South Portland


A cup of iced coffee being held up to the Omi's Coffee Shop sign in South Portland.
Source: Facebook

6. little woodfords

Little Woodfords is one of the cutest little coffee shops you will ever step foot in.

They feature a standard coffee drink menu with a special astrology drink that changes with the seasons. At the time of writing this, the Scorpio drink is a delectable double shot of espresso and caramel honey chai latte – yum!

They have a limited breakfast and pastry menu, but the items would be great for a quick bite to go in the morning.

Address: 316A Congress Street


A mug of coffee on a table in front of a window looking out on a busy street in Portland, Maine.
Source: Facebook

7. The Proper Cup

The Proper Cup is a quaint, inviting cafe in the heart of Portland’s Oakdale neighborhood. The shop was founded in 2018, so it’s one of the newer cafes in town.

They feature an extensive coffee drink menu with some delicious baked goods available as well. This is one of the few coffee shops not located on the peninsula and is a great place to grab a table and get some work done.

There’s a wonderful laid-back atmosphere in this coffee shop, and the baristas are very friendly and professional. The name of the shop speaks to the coffee itself – absolutely delicious!

Address: 500 Forest Ave


A close up honey lavender latte in a coffee mug with a honey dripper at its base.
Source: Facebook

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